President’s Message (Dec 2015/Jan 2016)

This is the last newsletter of 2015 and as the year comes to an end our TCE HOA community remains in very good shape. In this newsletter, I want to discuss several subjects.

The Budget for fiscal year 2016 has been mailed to all homeowners. The budget is balanced and shows there will not be an increase in your monthly dues in 2016. The dues will remain at $125.00 per month. The TCE Board with our Management Company HOAMCO has been very active in obtaining cost saving through competitive bidding and project management. The budget also projects our important Capital Reserve Fund will be above $1.2 million at the end of 2015. A healthy Capital Reserve Fund satisfies our HOA requirement of having sufficient funds in reserve for major items, primarily our roads.

I want to thank the Community Patrol staff for all their activity over the year. Community Patrol staff control the main Tanoan gate and limit access to homeowners and their guests. They conduct a complete drive around TCE’s 10 miles of roads every hour. These activities are conducted 24 hours a day 7 day a week. The Patrol staff must allow entrance to golfers and guests of the Tanoan Country Club but try to watch and make sure they go only to the country club and not into our community. Our gate cameras also record all licenses of cars that enter our community. These activities help reduce, but do not eliminate, problems. In spite of the recent break-ins, TCE remains one of the safest areas in Albuquerque.

Our community has recently experienced several burglaries. Several homes have been broken into. The break-ins seem to be targets of opportunity, occurring even when the homeowner is gone for only a couple of hours around dinner time. In one case, entrance was obtained through a doggie door. Nothing large has been taken, only small items like jewelry. So lock your doors and set your alarms and be aware of any activity that seems unusual. If you see something strange call our Community Patrol Gate House 294-9066 so they can check it out. Of course, if you see a crime call the police.

This is supposed to be an unusually wet winter so we have prepared by having a contract in place for removal of a heavy snow fall. Hopefully, it won’t be like the winter of 2007 when we had a record snow fall that paralyzed our city and Tanoan for several days. But even with a snow removal company on call, there is only a limited number of snow removal equipment available in the city. Therefore, if a major storm is expected, all homeowners should be prepared and have several days of critical items like food and medicine on hand.

The TCE Board has approved and negotiated a contract with a local company to have our gates decorated for the holidays. Decorating will start in the next several weeks and be fi nished and turned on right after Thanksgiving. The company will maintain the decorations in good working order and will remove them in early January.

I want to finish by wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Respectively, Don Mullen