President’s Message (Oct 2016/Nov 2016)

Summer is over and our TCE community remains in very good shape. A lot of work was accomplished over the summer upgrading and improving the common areas. We are fi nishing several projects and starting one more to improve and upgrade our Main Guard House.

Landscape Committee
I want to personally thank the Landscape Committee members for all the improvements they have made to our common area over the summer. Several islands have been refurbished and all the fl ower beds were improved with new plantings and landscaping. Now being replanted for winter, new trees were installed, the gazebo (on the way out the Lowell gate) was reroofed and repainted. This Committee’s ongoing activity has defi nitely improved the beauty of our community.

Road Directional Painting
TCE had the “on road” directional alerts, e.g., stop ahead, speed bumps, etc., repainted several months ago. Unfortunately most of the paint faded almost immediately. The vendor recognized this and is researching to determine what went wrong and to decide what paint should be applied. He is committed to making it right.

Country Club Gate House
Now that our new camera system is working so well we are going to repair the 30+ year-old Gate House before winter. The leaky windows will be replaced; cabinets to hold the new video system will be installed; the inside will be repainted and the outside will be touched up as required. This will make our main entrance a lot more presentable to residents and visitors and much more hospitable for the community patrol staff.

Barking Dogs
Occasionally our HOA Manager, Austin McFall, receives calls from homeowners concerning barking dogs. TCE does not handle animal control issues. That is the responsibility of the City. Dog owners need to be aware that if their dog barks continuously for more than 10 minutes the city defines the barking excessive and deems your dog a nuisance. Nuisance dogs can be reported to Albuquerque’s 311 number or reported anonymously on the City web site. We encourage neighbors to work together to resolve any dog-related issues. Please be considerate to your neighbors.

I am pleased to state that this summer showed a remarkable decrease in damage to TCE property. Only one case of minor graffiti was reported. This is a positive refl ection on our community.