President’s Message (June 2016/July 2016)

Our TCE HOA community remains in very good shape. Your current Board has done a lot of work and our future remains bright. In this newsletter, I want to discuss several general subjects.

2016 General Membership Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Tanoan Community East Association will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at the Tanoan Country Club. Your Board Members will present an overview of what has been accomplished and a projection of what is planned for the coming year. Elections will also be held to fill open Board positions.

The problem our community experienced with crime last year has been significantly reduced. From Jan 1 through May 1 2016, the web site for TCE has recorded zero reported burglaries or breakins. This is very good news which I feel can be partially attributed to increased awareness by our residents and Community Patrol. TCE Members should always lock your doors and set your alarms when you leave your home. Also continue to be aware of any activity that seems unusual. If you see something strange call our Community Patrol Gate House at 294-9066 so they can check it out.

Summer is almost here and we will have children playing and adults walking and bike riding throughout our community. They deserve to be safe while carrying out these activities. So please remember the speed limit is 20 mph in all of TCE and if possible give the walkers and children room as you pass them. Thank-you!

We have started the process to upgrade the lighting at both entrances. We have less than 10 street lights and several Gate House lights that need upgrading. We are preparing the paperwork to obtain a rebate from PNM for the reduced electrical usage.

The backflow valves in TCE’s common areas are being replaced and brought up to code. When a watering system needs repair, during the repair process we are replacing the noncompliant, but grandfathered in, valves with new valves.

Respectfully, Don Mullen