President’s Message (Feb 2016/Mar 2016)

This is the first newsletter of 2016 and as the year starts our TCE HOA community remains in very good shape. In this newsletter, I want to discuss several subjects.

The forecast of an unusually wet winter has so far been correct. Having a contract in place for removal of a heavy snow fall has proven prudent. So far we used this contract twice to have our streets plowed. Hopefully, this has minimized driving problems for our residents. We will continue to have our streets plowed, as necessary, for the remainder of the winter.

We are looking into upgrading our security camera system at our main gate. Our current system is at least 20 years old and difficult to use and maintain. We upgraded our camera system at the Lowell gate 5 years ago and it is working very well. We plan on using that system as a model for our main gate system. Our gate cameras are used to record all cars that enter our community.

Following our systematic pavement maintenance program, to extend the life of our roads, it is time to crack seal our streets again in February. Crack sealing will minimize water intrusion. Large cracks will be cut out and filled with fresh asphalt. This work must be scheduled during the coldest part of the year, when the cracks are the widest and best able to accept the fill material. Residents will be specifically notified when their street is scheduled to be sealed.

Respectively, Don Mullen