President’s Message (Aug 2016/Sept 2016)

The Tanoan Community East Association Annual Membership meeting was held on June 21, 2016. The turnout was very good with about 90 residents attending. In this newsletter, I want to discuss some of the results of that meeting.

Elected Board Members
Four candidates were running for three positions. The voting members selected James Kirkpatrick, Donald Mullen and Richard Tebay as the wining candidates.

Monthly Dues
The Board’s goal of continuing to provide our current level of operation, maintenance and upgrade/improvement activities while making signifi cant contributions to our Capital and Reserve Fund not increasing our monthly HOA dues will continue. HOA dues will remain at $125.00 per month.

The Board continues work towards collecting past dues from our most delinquent homeowner. The Court of Appeals has ruled in TCE’s favor and collection activities have started e.g., wage garnishment and asset determination for collection.

TCE is certainly one of the most beautiful and safest areas in Albuquerque. From Jan 1 to Jun 20 TCE has only had one break in and no vandalism. This is due to the increased awareness of TCE residents and heightened surveillance by our Community Patrol staff. As a further deterrent, many homeowners are keeping their outside lights on during the night. Finally, our new video system at the main gate will help improve TCE security by photographing all visitors and their corresponding license plate number entering the main gate. The outside video monitor will show visitors that they are being recorded.

New Street Signs
All new street signs have been installed in TCE. The new signs are larger and easier to read. They are also refl ective so they will be more visible at night.

Other Issues
It was gratifying to see how many TCE residents care about our TCE community. Several residents expressed their support and appreciation for what the Board has accomplished over the past year. There also was a general discussion of parking on both sides of a street by contractors that can restrict automobile access, continued speeding and homeowner lawn maintenance. The Board acknowledges these issues and has been and will continue to address them in the coming months.