For your convenience, we offer several payment options:

  • By Mail – Payments should be mailed to the following address:

Tanoan Community East Association

                              c/o HOAMCO – NM

                              P.O. Box 94346

                              Las Vegas, Nevada 89193-4346


If you pay this bill through a bill pay program with your bank, please use this mailing address for all payments.  (This address is for payments ONLY.)


Payments should be remitted by check or money order payable to: Tanoan Community East Association.  DO NOT SEND CASH.   BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR PAYMENT COUPON FOR THE MONTH AND WRITE YOUR 10 DIGIT ACCOUNT NUMBER ON YOUR CHECK.


Your monthly assessment is $135.00.  Payment is due on the first of each month.  Please mail in plenty of time for payment to reach us by the first.


  • Pay by Auto Debit – You can sign up for monthly Auto Debit. This is the preferred payment method.



  1. Go to, click on the tab labeled “Make Payment”.
  2. Scroll down to the “Enroll in Auto Debit” form and complete the required information.
  • The Community Name is Tanoan East.
  • Your Property Account Number is a 10 digit number which may be found on your coupon book, or call

us and we can look it up for you – (800)-447-3838, or (505)-338-0000.

  • You will need to enter your bank routing number and your bank account number (off the bottom of

your check).  After entering all required information check “I Agree” and then click “Submit”.


  • Pay Online – You also have the option of paying your assessment online; via either e-check or credit card. The web address to make the payment is  Please be advised that online payments may take up to 5 days to post to your account, so submit them early.


Click on “Make a Payment” tab at the top of the page and then enter your account number. Your 10-digit account number is shown on your payment coupons or payment notices.  Click “Find Account”


E-Check – using your bank account (no service charges)

Credit Card – VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover (service charge by bank – 3.5% of payment amount)


Complete the information as requested.

(1) Select your name and address from the drop-down menu.

(2) Verify your e-mail address.

(3) Click “Make Payment”

(4) Enter the amount of your payment. Click “Make Payment”

(5) Set your payment method (credit card or bank account information, etc.)

The bank routing number is the 9-digit number that identifies your bank; usually the first set of numbers at the bottom left side of a check.  Your bank account number is the set of numbers to the right of this.

(6) Verify that all information is correct, then click “Submit”.


PLEASE NOTE: Online payments could take up to 5 days to be posted to your account.

In order to avoid late charges by your Association, payment should be submitted at least 5 days prior to your due date.


If you need assistance with processing your on-line payment, please call 800-690-0984 for payment assistance.


          Revised 01-19-21



Download a PDF of these instructions: