Modifications – Architectural and Landscaping

The Tanoan Community East Planning Committee is tasked with review and approval of all exterior modification requests, including architectural and landscaping changes. If a project changes the exterior appearance of your home or property you must obtain written approval prior to starting the project. All necessary forms and rules can be found here. While the link to the consolidated planning committee rules is on this page, full architectural guidelines for each subdivision can be found under the Governing Documents tab.

General Guidelines for Modification of Homes and Yards

If a proposed modification changes the outward appearance of your home or yard, approval is required.

Some examples:
1) Constructing improvements/additions to your home or yard
2) Re-painting or re-stucco of home or garage (if changing color)
3) Re-paving driveway (if changing layout or color)
4) Re-roofing house or garage
5) Modify entryway/door/garage door
6) Replacing windows (if frame color and/or configuration is changing)
7) Modify landscaping visible from any street or common area
8) Work requiring an Albuquerque building permit

Note: These are just a few examples. If you are not sure if you need approval, contact
HOAMCO at (505) 338-0000.

Is a Planning Committee Request for Design Approval Required?

1) Turf reduction in front/side yard – Yes
2) New retaining wall in yard to reduce runoff – Yes
3) Re-painting house/garage same color – No
4) Re-roofing a flat roof – No
5) Roofing maintenance on existing tile roof retaining existing tile color – No
6) Replacement of roofing tiles in new color – Yes
7) Re-stucco house/garage in a new color – Yes
8) Re-stucco house in same color – No
9) Require dumpster/portable toilet on property – Yes

Completed requests should be returned to the Community Association Manager. Instructions are on the form.