Gate Access



There are two vehicle access gates into Tanoan Community East. The Country Club gate is off Academy at Country Club/Rolling Hills, just east of Eubank. The Lowell gate is further east on Academy at Lowell Street. The Country Club gate is staffed 24/7, while the Lowell gate is fully automated and is not staffed. Residents may use either gate, and all windshield tags and cards work at both gates. Residents are asked to use the right lane at the Country Club gate and leave the left lane for visitors that need to interact with the Community Patrol officer. Residents may use either lane at the Lowell gate, and may use either a windshield tag or card. All guests, vendors, contractors, deliveries, commercial vehicles, etc. must use the left lane at the Country Club gate. Vehicles pulling trailers are not allowed to enter through the Lowell gate. The vehicle access gates were installed to control access to the community, thus reducing traffic, slowing the traffic as it enters the community and providing a deterrent to individuals who have no legitimate business in the community. Please do not tailgate other cars through the gates – only one car at a time. Allow the gates to close and activate the gates with your access device. When opening the gates, please take precautions to make sure that unauthorized vehicles do not follow you. Unauthorized vehicles that do “tailgate” in behind your vehicle should be reported immediately. The gates do not provide security or guarantee safety; therefore, every owner should take care in protecting their property as is reasonable and prudent. Each resident is responsible for his or her own security.



The entry gate arms and gates will automatically open when a vehicle that has a windshield tag installed approaches the gate arm. The entry gates are equipped with an automatic timer to close, therefore please remember to get through the gate promptly once it has fully opened. Do not tailgate, only one car at a time. If you do not have clear passage to clear the gate once you drive off the loop buried in the pavement, and have to stop before clearing the gate, it could close and cause damage to your vehicle. The Association and Management Company are not responsible for damage to vehicles caused by failure to follow these instructions.



The exit gate will automatically open when you drive your vehicle over the “exit loop” which is buried in the roadway. Simply approach the gate slowly, wait for the gate to open completely and proceed through promptly. Do not attempt to back up, as severe tire damage may result.

The exit gate will begin to close once it no longer senses a vehicle over the exit loop buried under the pavement on the inside of the gate. Therefore, make sure you have clear passage to clear the gate once you start through, and get through the gate promptly once it has fully opened.

In the event of a power failure, the gates are equipped with a battery backup system. The gates will automatically open when power is interrupted and automatically close when power is restored.


    • The entry and exit gates are constructed of heavy steel and move automatically by use of electric motors.
    • Do not stop your vehicle in such a manner that the gate can make contact with your vehicle.
    • When exiting, do not attempt to back up, as severe tire damage may result.
    • Do not touch the gates or the mechanical gate operating equipment.
    • Children and pets should never be allowed to play on or around gates or gate operators.
    • Do not stand or hang on gates or gate operators at any time.
    • Gates are for vehicle use only. Damage and/or injury can occur with misuse. Use the pedestrian gates on the sidewalk when entering on foot or with a bicycle.
    • Residents should use the gates properly. Residents and their guests are responsible for any damage they may cause to the gates.
    • The Association and Management Company are not responsible for damage or injury that may occur to individuals or vehicles while using the gates.


The vehicle access gates at Tanoan Community East may be opened using a windshield tag or a card. Residents may purchase as many windshield tags as they have vehicles registered in the name of a Tanoan East resident, and a maximum of three (3) gate access cards per address.

Cards do not have warranties.


To open the gate, touch the card to the yellow card reader. There are two card readers at the Lowell gate – one in the left lane by the gate house, and one in the right lane in line with the gate house. The card reader at the Country Club gate is in the right lane. Please note there is no front, back, up or down to the card; the card can be presented in any direction. Access will be granted when the card reader light turns green. Allow the gate to open completely and proceed through the gate promptly. Note that the cards are plastic and can break if bent or folded. Exposure to direct sunlight, extreme cold, heat, water, or strong magnets can damage the card and render it inactive.

To Purchase Devices:

Windshield Tags and Gate Access Cards can be purchased at the gatehouse on Country Club Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 1:30 pm.

Windshield tags are only available to Tanoan East residents. You must bring your vehicle to the gatehouse to have the tag installed. Bring your vehicle registration and proof that the vehicle is owned by or driven by a resident of Tanoan East. You must have your permanent license plate on the vehicle before we can install a tag – no temporary licenses.

The tags are $15.00 each and we can only accept Checks or Money Orders – No Cash, Credit, or Debit Cards. All Association accounts must be current to purchase gate devices.

If you are a new homeowner, we must wait until your information has been added to the association records by the Escrow Department before you can obtain gate tags and cards. This usually takes at least two to three weeks after closing.

Until you get your tag installed, residents may enter the community through the left lane at the Country Club entrance (staffed 24/7) Prices are subject to change. We are unable to accept cash, debit, or credit card payments. Checks or money orders only, please.

The association does not replace broken or malfunctioning devices. You will need to purchase a new device. If a device is not working, you should check with the Manager to be sure it is programmed in the computer properly (we will need the 5-digit number on the device – see the instructions, next page). Like all mechanical items, cards do eventually wear out and have to be replaced.

When you sell your home, you should give the gate cards to the new owner, just as you would the garage door opener. Refunds or credits are not issued for gate devices when a homeowner sells their home. New owners must contact the Manager to have the cards activated in their name, and to purchase windshield tags.

Lost or stolen gate entry devices should be reported to the Association Management office immediately so they may be deactivated.



The pedestrian access gates along the sidewalk at the Lowell gate may be opened using a code that is provided to homeowners.


Any problems regarding the operation of the gates should be reported to Community Patrol as soon as possible at (505) 294-9066.

For problems with your windshield tags or gate access cards, contact the Community Association Manager at


Gate Entry Devices

How to find the device number

The device number on your windshield tag and/or card must be programmed into the gate system in order for it to work. Each card or tag has a unique number. This is where you can find the number:

For Cards:

The five-digit device number is located in the right corner of the card – either top or bottom. Some cards have the five-digit number at the beginning of the row of numbers, and some at the end – but it will be a five-digit number.




For Windshield Tags:

Each tag has a three-digit site code and a five-digit device number. These numbers are located at the bottom of the tag to the right of center. We must have both the site code and the device number.