Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to notify the Association if I am having a large party or gathering at my home?

If you will be hosting a party or gathering at your home for which 50 or more invitations will be issued, you must obtain prior approval from the Board of Directors through the Community Association Manager. In addition, for any gathering for which 25 or more invitations are issued, you are required to provide a guest list to the Country Club gate house not less than one hour before the party. If no list is provided and there are more that 25 cars logged into your residence within a short period of time, the gate attendants have the right and obligation to turn additional guests away. If you have a printed map to your home, the gate attendant would be happy to hand it out to anyone who is on your approved guest list. Remember that you are responsible for the actions of your guests while they are in the community. Make sure that they do not block driveways or streets, and that they do not disturb your neighbors in any way. Please see the full Tanoan Community East Social Event Policy contained on the “Governing Documents and Policies” page.

How can I sign up for the auto debit program for payment of my monthly assessments?

Auto debit is the preferred payment method for paying your assessments. With auto debit you don’t have to worry about your payment being on time and you can avoid late fees. To enroll in the program go to and follow these steps:

1. Click on the “Homeowners – Make a Payment” tab.

2. Complete the required information under “Enroll in Auto Debit.”

  • The Association Name is Tanoan East.
  • Your Unit ID is your account number (may be found on your statement, coupon, or call us and we can look it up for you – (505)-338-0000.
  • You will need to enter your bank routing number and your bank account number (off the bottom of your check).
I am selling my home. How do I obtain the resale/disclosure documents that I must provide to the buyer?

Go to the “Forms” page on this website and click on the link labeled “Resale/Disclosure Documents” to get the complete instructions for ordering these documents. You should also make sure your title company contacts the HOAMCO Escrow Department regarding other requirements for a change in ownership. They may be reached at (800) 447-3838 or e-mail via the contact form.

If it snows, will the Association clear the streets?

The policy of the Association is to take action if the streets are impassable. Just because it snows, you should not automatically expect that the streets will be plowed or that all snow will be removed. The response depends on several variables – including the severity of the storm, the amount of snow, the condition of the streets, and the forecast. The Board of Directors has developed guidelines contained in the snow and ice removal contract which are used to help determine the response. These guidelines were developed to help balance the need to keep streets passable and safe, with common sense budgetary constraints. You can imagine how high the monthly assessments would be if we were to dispatch crews to completely clear all streets every time it snowed. All decisions are based on conditions.

The snow removal contractor is in contact with various board members and Community Patrol personnel to determine the conditions onsite at Tanoan East. Community Patrol drives through the entire community during all shifts – day and night (road conditions permitting). They provide valuable information regarding the condition of the streets during a storm. The final decision on whether to dispatch crews is made by one or more board members who are on call during the winter months. The determination is made based on their assessment of the actual condition of the streets, and the situation that exists regarding the forecast.

For minor snowfall – two inches and under – the crew is dispatched only if the forecast is unfavorable (low temperatures and a slow moving storm). In that case, they will remove excessive snow from the entry and exit lanes at both gates, and treat major intersections and sloped streets with ice melt. Sloped streets are identified as Sky Valley, Paganica, Spyglass, Prestwick, and Desert Classic.

For snowfall amounts in excess of two inches, crews may be dispatched to remove snow and/or apply ice melt at gate entrance and exit lanes, the steeper sections of the sloped streets, major intersections, and main streets. The “main streets” in Tanoan East are identified as Country Club, Woodmar, Glen Oak, Sky Valley, and Lowell. Again, the determination is based on overall conditions.

Classifieds & Newsletters

How can I submit a classified ad for the newsletter or get information about placing a business ad?

All advertising and classified ads for the newsletter are handled by the Publisher – Mulhern Advertising, Inc.

Classifieds may be submitted via the webpage by clicking on Place An Ad. All adds must be approved by the webmaster before being published. After you publish your classified, you’ll be emailed a “key” by which you can make edits or changes and renew or remove your ad. Any edits and changes must also be approved before the ad is republished.

Classified ads are a free service provided exclusively to Tanoan Residents. Any ads posted by non-residents will not be published.

Businesses may find more information on advertising in the newsletter and on the website by visiting the Advertise With Us page.

Ann Mulhern does not charge the association for maintaining the website, or for producing, editing, printing, and mailing the newsletters. Mulhern Advertising is able to do this because of the advertisements in the newsletter. That’s why we want to encourage you to support our advertisers, and let them know that you saw their ad in the Tanoan East Newsletter or on the website.

If you would like to advertise your business in the newsletter, or know of a business owner that might benefit from reaching this community, please contact Ann at 897-8100, or e-mail her via the Advertise With Us page. Visit her website at

Thank you Ann!



Can I park my RV in my driveway or on the street?

Campers, RVs, Boats, Recreational Trailers, Sporting Vehicles, etc. may not be parked onsite without a permit. A permit will allow a recreational vehicle to be parked onsite for two overnight (24 hour) periods (not consecutive) – one night for loading, and one night for unloading. Permits may be obtained at the Country Club gatehouse, and must be displayed on the vehicle, trailer, or boat. You may also obtain a temporary permit if you have a guest staying at your house who is traveling in an RV.

Commercial Vehicles (over 1 ton), flatbed or construction trailers may not be parked onsite at all (except during a remodeling or landscape project which has been approved in writing by the Planning Committee).

When can I put my trash and recycling bins at the curb and where should I store them?

The governing documents of the Association state that trash and recycling receptacles may not be placed in an area unscreened from public view more than twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled trash collection time, or after 12:00 p.m. the day following pick-up. Since the current trash collection day is Monday, this means that receptacles must not be placed at the curb before Sunday morning, or left out after 12:00 noon on Tuesday.

When you store your receptacles, remember that the language of the rule states that they “must be stored so it is enclosed and screened from public view and protected from disturbance.” This means that placing it behind a gate, column, or wall may not be enough if it can still be seen from the sidewalk, street, etc.

Why can’t we park on the streets overnight from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.?

There are several important safety considerations behind this rule. The streets in Tanoan East are narrower than many city streets, and first and foremost, we need to keep the streets clear for fire trucks, ambulances, etc. in the event of an emergency. Also, having vehicles parked on the street make it difficult for two-way traffic to proceed normally. Vehicles parked on the street can interfere with a driver’s visibility – especially at night – making it difficult to ascertain whether it is safe to proceed or turn. If a driver were to have to veer to avoid an obstacle, he or she would have less room to do so with vehicles parked on the already narrow street. So remember to have all vehicles off the street between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. – and remind your guests of this rule as well. Tickets and fines for guests’ vehicles are charged to the account of the homeowner they are visiting.

Golf Course

Can I walk my dog on the golf course or take a stroll around the course in the evening?

NO, YOU CAN’T!!! Please remember that the Tanoan Country Club golf course is private property and therefore only Tanoan Country Club members are permitted on the golf course – and that’s just to play golf. The golf course is not to be used by homeowners or their families for recreational use such as walking, jogging, dog exercise, children playing or otherwise. Even Country Club members can’t do that. A golf ball traveling at over 100 mph can be lethal, and trespassing onto the golf course can be highly dangerous. While we know it is very tempting to use the golf course in the evenings for the above activities, it is simply not a public park and not part of the Tanoan Community East Association property. If you are not a Tanoan Country Club Golf Member you are not authorized to be on the course. And members should only be on the course if they have a tee time.

What are the rules regarding golf carts in the community?

Drivers of golf carts must be licensed drivers. That means your kids can’t be driving the cart, even if you are riding with them (unless they have a valid driver’s license). Occupancy of the cart is limited to the seating capacity (no doubling up, standing on the back, or hanging out the side). One person per seat!


What should I do if my neighbor’s dog is barking incessantly?

Residents who experience problems with barking dogs, pets not on a leash, owners not cleaning up after their pet, and other animal control issues should contact the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department at 768-1975. You may submit an online form for noisy animals by visiting Tanoan Community East Association follows the rules mandated by the City of Albuquerque “HEART” Ordinance – Humane and Ethical Animal Rules and Treatment – and enforcement of all animal control issues in Tanoan Community East are handled by the Animal Welfare Department.