If it snows, will the Association clear the streets?


The policy of the Association is to take action if the streets are impassable. Just because it snows, you should not automatically expect that the streets will be plowed or that all snow will be removed. The response depends on several variables – including the severity of the storm, the amount of snow, the condition of the streets, and the forecast. The Board of Directors has developed guidelines contained in the snow and ice removal contract which are used to help determine the response. These guidelines were developed to help balance the need to keep streets passable and safe, with common sense budgetary constraints. You can imagine how high the monthly assessments would be if we were to dispatch crews to completely clear all streets every time it snowed. All decisions are based on conditions.

The snow removal contractor is in contact with various board members and Community Patrol personnel to determine the conditions onsite at Tanoan East. Community Patrol drives through the entire community during all shifts – day and night (road conditions permitting). They provide valuable information regarding the condition of the streets during a storm. The final decision on whether to dispatch crews is made by one or more board members who are on call during the winter months. The determination is made based on their assessment of the actual condition of the streets, and the situation that exists regarding the forecast.

For minor snowfall – two inches and under – the crew is dispatched only if the forecast is unfavorable (low temperatures and a slow moving storm). In that case, they will remove excessive snow from the entry and exit lanes at both gates, and treat major intersections and sloped streets with ice melt. Sloped streets are identified as Sky Valley, Paganica, Spyglass, Prestwick, and Desert Classic.

For snowfall amounts in excess of two inches, crews may be dispatched to remove snow and/or apply ice melt at gate entrance and exit lanes, the steeper sections of the sloped streets, major intersections, and main streets. The “main streets” in Tanoan East are identified as Country Club, Woodmar, Glen Oak, Sky Valley, and Lowell. Again, the determination is based on overall conditions.