Do I need to notify the Association if I am having a large party or gathering at my home?


If you will be hosting a party or gathering at your home for which 50 or more invitations will be issued, you must obtain prior approval from the Board of Directors through the Community Association Manager. In addition, for any gathering for which 25 or more invitations are issued, you are required to provide a guest list to the Country Club gate house not less than one hour before the party. If no list is provided and there are more that 25 cars logged into your residence within a short period of time, the gate attendants have the right and obligation to turn additional guests away. If you have a printed map to your home, the gate attendant would be happy to hand it out to anyone who is on your approved guest list. Remember that you are responsible for the actions of your guests while they are in the community. Make sure that they do not block driveways or streets, and that they do not disturb your neighbors in any way. Please see the full Tanoan Community East Social Event Policy contained on the “Governing Documents and Policies” page.