Can I walk my dog on the golf course or take a stroll around the course in the evening?


NO, YOU CAN’T!!! Please remember that the Tanoan Country Club golf course is private property and therefore only Tanoan Country Club members are permitted on the golf course – and that’s just to play golf. The golf course is not to be used by homeowners or their families for recreational use such as walking, jogging, dog exercise, children playing or otherwise. Even Country Club members can’t do that. A golf ball traveling at over 100 mph can be lethal, and trespassing onto the golf course can be highly dangerous. While we know it is very tempting to use the golf course in the evenings for the above activities, it is simply not a public park and not part of the Tanoan Community East Association property. If you are not a Tanoan Country Club Golf Member you are not authorized to be on the course. And members should only be on the course if they have a tee time.