Community Patrol

The Community Patrol operates a 24 hour roving patrol to watch for unusual happenings in the Community and to notify local law enforcement of any problems. The Community Patrol is not a security force; but they do assist residents, guests, and contractors with entering the community and with enforcing the community rules. The Association does not provide security. Each resident is responsible for the security of their own home, property, and persons.

The Community Patrol also staffs the Country Club gatehouse and assists residents, visitors, and vendors entering the community.

You may reach the Country Club gatehouse at (505) 294-9066
Kathy Arms is the Community Patrol Supervisor

Temporary On-Street Parking Passes

If you need a temporary on-street overnight parking permit for guests; to load or unload your RV; or if you must park a vehicle in the street during an approved remodeling project, you may obtain the temporary pass at the Country Club gatehouse.